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Tired of Villagers doing villager stuff and causing villager-grade lag?
Tired of those pesky Villagers running around, when they should stay in place?

Introducing the Villager "Bonk"-Stick9000™:

Using revolutionary and totally ethical bonk™ technology you can make each and every Villager stay in the place where they belong and also remove their every desire. This not only makes them much easier to work with, but also increases this fabled performance, if applied in bulk.

How to use The Villager "Bonk"-Stick9000™:

  1. Get the tool by using /trigger villagerBonk
  2. Whack your target with it to apply the effect
  3. To get a villager out of the bonked™-state, simply whack it a second time
  4. Enjoy your improved trading hall

Here's a short video going over the basic feature:

Legal stuff:

I'm not responsible for any damages that may occur, when using the product. Side Effects may include:

  • Mild temporary price increases (on first use)
  • Restocks while bonked™ occur twice a day at exactly 9AM and 5PM and don't require a workstation nearby, because of miniature-wormholes to the workstation dimension.
  • Mild headaches
  • [̴͓̯̤̙͂R̴͔̬̱͖̭̆͛̔Ẻ̷̱͍͓̯̠͜Ḑ̸̫̣̞̘̓͜A̴̧̹̥̙̎̉͛̀͠C̶͙̩̝̠̳͖̋̆́T̶̡̨͎̥͕̗̐Ę̸͖͇̻̋͜ͅD̵̨̢̥̭͌̂̐̈́̐͝]̸͉͈͍͚͊͐͐ͅ

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