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More fruitful loot

(resourcepack included)


Do you think some Minecraft loot is very underwhelming? well this adjusts minecrafts loot to make valuable items more likely to appear and adds "missing" loot to some structures like having lanterns in mineshaft.

Loot Changes

Aside from these changes, all other loot has been retained

  • Dungeons now have the chance to spawn with all the types of music discs (except for disc 5)
  • Mineshaft chests now contain lanterns, and most new 1.17 items/blocks
  • Jungle temples will now shoot arrows, tipped arrows or fire charge or both (from dispensers) and also contain better loot overall
  • Desert temples contain better loot overall
  • The igloo now has better loot and added carved pumpkins + snowballs... I wonder what I use those for?
  • Strongholds now have some diamond loot + better library loot... seems like the player was somewhat prepared before he died
  • Nether forts contain ghast tears, magma creams, glistering watermelons, golden carrots, enchated golden armour and the occasional fire-charge + better loot
  • Mansions have more loot and all music discs (except for disc 5) + chainmail armour sets
  • Pillager outposts have raid maps (they lead to villages)
  • Villager cartographers have a guaranteed exploration maps in their chests which will lead to a random overworld structure. These structures can be:
    • Desert pyramid
    • Igloo
    • Jungle pyramid
    • Ruined portals
    • Swamp hut

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